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  • What type of marketing should I use?

    The type of marketing you use should be a critical part of your business plan. As part of that plan, you should identify who your key market is, and t... Read More
  • How do I set my pricing?

    Your selling price can be based on value, or cost. Read More
  • How do I conduct market research?

    Many start-ups don’t have the money to hire firms to conduct market research. However, many companies are able to do their own market research by usin... Read More
  • What goes in a marketing plan?

    Your marketing plan identifies your key audience, the best marketing methods you should use to reach those particular demographics, and the amount you... Read More
  • How do I maintain a customer/client focus within my business?

    Keeping customers and clients happy should be your business’s main focus. They are the lifeblood of your operation and without them you will fail. Read More
  • What do I do if I’m not hitting my targets?

    If you aren’t meeting your sales targets, there are usually clear reasons why. Don’t sit around and wait for sales to improve – be proactive and figur... Read More
  • How do I ensure repeat sales?

    You need to offer customers an experience they can’t receive anywhere else. This can range from the quality of your product, to the level of customer ... Read More
  • How do I create a good ad campaign?

    Your ad campaigns will only be successful if you know your audience extremely well. Your campaign must have a specific focus and speak to a certain de... Read More
  • How do I negotiate a good deal?

    Negotiation skills are crucial when starting your business. You won’t have the cash to spend as much as you want, so negotiating discounts and deals w... Read More
  • How do I drive sales for my business?

    Most businesses go through times when sales are low. During those periods it’s good to have plans ready to increase activity and keep the business mov... Read More
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