4Cabling founder Nicole Kersh launches second start-up


Young Australian entrepreneur Nicole Kersh has launched a new website called CableManagement.com.au, which sells cabling products to everyday consumers, following the success of her first start-up 4Cabling.


Kersh, based in Sydney, is “exploring new consumer revenue streams” through CableManagement, but will remain the managing director of The 4Cabling Group, which she launched in 2007.


4Cabling is Australia’s leading online IT and data communications wholesaler. Since its launch, it has increased its revenue by an average of 200% each year.


After noticing a growing demand for cable management products among SMEs and consumers, Kersh decided to set up CableManagement, which sells a wide range of cabling products.


“We’ve seen a steady rise in one-time enquiries from small business owners and private customers searching for cable management solutions for their homes and offices,” Kersh says.


“Traditionally, 4Cabling has focused on servicing the needs of IT contractors and network administrators, and this remains our core business.


“But the growing demand for cable management purchases drew our attention to the lack of options currently available for Australians searching for these kinds of products.


“So we decided to dip our toes in the water.”


Kersh, who has previously blogged for StartupSmart, estimates cable management products make up about 10% of the company’s total sales volume. She believes the increased demand can be partially attributed to OHS concerns.


“There are over two million SMEs in Australia, each with their own IT requirements and cable management needs,” she says.


“Employers are understandably keen to protect their employees from the hazards of the workplace, and these days most have OH&S as a high priority.”


“Environments with a high exposure to cable clutter, such as government departments and education facilities, have understandably been the most eager to get their cables under control.


“Now, as more businesses are taking a flexible and mobile approach to working environments, [they are] purchasing smart and simple cable management solutions.”


Kersh says there has also been a lot of interest from mothers with young children looking to eliminate household hazards.


“It amazes me how many enquiries we get from mothers in need of smart and safe cable management products,” she says.


“You’d think with the kind of demand out there, someone would already have set up a website dedicated to home safety. There’s a real market for it.”


There has also been a broader move towards wireless products and technology, Kersh says.


“There’s been a huge push towards wireless in recent years, but most electronic products still require cables at some point – even if just for charging,” she says.


“Simple and stylish solutions to hide cables and keep them under control… have also been really popular.


“It doesn’t really surprise me, to be honest. I work with cables all day long and they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing object.


“They’re great for transmitting data and powering devices, but I don’t think they should be a major feature of anyone’s interior design plan.”