Ad agency hops on board with hot idea

Hot Coffee - Start-up Idea

Hot Coffee - Start-up IdeaFor those of us who take the bus to work, the cold mornings can be almost too much to bear. However, an advertising agency in the US has come up with a way to warm people up while promoting a product.


Caribou Coffee enlisted the help of Colle+McVoy to come up with an original and engaging campaign to entice people to try its “Hot ‘n Wholesome” breakfast menu.


In Minneapolis, Colle+McEvoy have turned bus shelters into giant ovens, with everything from turn dials to actual working heaters, so those waiting inside stay nice and warm while waiting for their bus.


Meanwhile, posters featuring Caribou Coffee’s breakfast menu are displayed inside the shelter, offering a cheeky yet effective form of advertising as it warms consumers’ hearts – literally.


If marketing is your forte and you’re looking for a new way to break into the market, the “Hot ‘n Wholesome” campaign should serve as inspiration for quirky ways in which to communicate with people.


The outdoor advertising industry is constantly in need of new ideas to keep it relevant to ad-weary consumers. In Australia, bus stops have recently featured ‘magic eye’ pictures and even headphones to listen to music. Could you come up with an idea that would prove popular with consumers?


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