Bath time bliss with Splash Stacks

Splash Stacks

Splash StacksFor parents with small children, bath time can be a chaotic ritual – children not only require their parents’ undivided attention, they also require their assistance.


As such, parents find themselves kneeling uncomfortably on bathroom tiles as they attempt to run the water at the right temperature.


To that end, a US-based entrepreneur has developed Splash Stacks, a bath-side mat with plenty of cushioning that allows parents to sit or kneel in total comfort while bathing their little ones.


The Splash Stacks cushions are waterproof and offer protection from any surface including concrete and tile. The mat also folds easily into a compact unit and is easily transported with built-in handles, making it possible for parents to take with them on holiday.


Splash Stacks has alleviated some of the physical pressure that comes with being a parent; what other, Australian, innovations can lighten the load on mums and dads?

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