Customise consumer time

Business start-up for yoga

Business start-up for yogaIt’s a well known fact that yoga keeps you fit, healthy and happy. Benefits include better muscle tone, weight loss, enhanced immunity, relaxed sleep patterns and lower stress levels.



But if you’re struggling to make your weekly yoga class, perhaps you should jump online instead.


The US-based YogaTailor is an interactive site that can create personalised yoga workouts for you, maximising the benefits within your available time and ability.


YogaTailor begins by asking the client how much time they have available, their level of experience, and whether they are pregnant or experience back pain.


Once that information has been collated, the site creates a custom online yoga video that can be streamed to you instantly.


The session changes every time so that you don’t get bored and the videos can be adapted as you progress.


Customisation is a highly valued tool in the current market, as legions of product and service providers have already realised. Where that trend is less often seen, however, is with respect to the consumer’s available time.


YogaTailor is smart to appreciate that consumers don’t always have unlimited time for its offerings, which is what makes it stand out.


Other service providers would do well to emulate this feature – what other services could be tailored to suit a customer’s availability?

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