Game mechanics motivate staff

Business start-up to motivate staff

Business start-up to motivate staffMotivating and empowering staff can be a tough job, particularly in a sector like sales.



There’s a new web service on the market called Deal Machine, which utilises game mechanics to give immediate feedback to a sales team, increasing their knowledge of what they are doing and what they should be doing differently.


A Finnish start-up, Deal Machine allows sales managers to adjust the mechanics in real time to change the focus of their team on a daily basis, enabling fast learning.


There are multiple plans and prices available so sales managers can tailor their usage of the service.


Imagine the impact of a business like Deal Machine – it could be taken beyond the sales sector into the realms of education, and business as a whole.


An Australian start-up could broaden this concept to new sectors, or focus on the B2B market by developing a host of innovative workplace tools to boost employee performance.

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