Greeting a new pet-focused start-up

Start-up Idea - Catnip Cards

Start-up Idea - Catnip CardsGreeting cards span the breath of personal taste – from simple messages of condolence to noise-making creations using in-your-face humour.


However, greeting cards have universally been aimed at humans…. Until now. US entrepreneur Beth Logan has created Catnip Cards – greeting cards aimed at humans and cats alike.


The cards have catnip infused within the paper, which encourages cats to lick them. This slightly bizarre idea was hatched in 2009 and Catnip Cards has enjoyed strong sales ever since.


Logan says that she spotted a gap in the market because there were multiple products aimed at dogs, but none at cats.


Given the public’s affection for their pets, there is plenty of scope for new products in the Australian market.


Granted, it doesn’t have to be as odd as catnip-flavoured paper, but there is an opportunity to provide the mementoes or clothing that is usually the preserve of humans to pets.

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