Hold a customer seminar


TaskmasterI often talk to business-to-business organisations who say they have trouble driving leads and generating new business.


Accountants, lawyers and consultants often feel they must rely on clients coming to them (usually when something has gone wrong) and have little ability to reach out to customers outside of these occasions.


In my experience, this is often because the entrepreneurs don’t know what to say – or at least they think they don’t.


But it doesn’t have to be hard. Events happen in every industry that are worth telling customers about. It might be a change in laws, a new trend, or a big event, like a Federal Budget.


When something does happen, position yourself as an expert and hold a seminar to explain how the changes work and how clients could be affected.


It doesn’t have to be fancy – just hold it in your meeting room if your budget it really tight. The key is to get the customers in, get them talking and try to set up a few appointments for further discussions.


And if customers can’t make it, don’t worry – flick them an email with a report on the event some time after your seminar. And follow this up with a phone call asking if they’d to have a further chat.


Get it done – today!

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