Liberating employees from job stress

Business start-up for starting a business

Business start-up for starting a businessBeing stuck in a debilitating job may be unenjoyable for the employee involved, but the problem could provide a potential start-up avenue for a new business.


Escape the City is a London-based enterprise whose mission is to liberate talented people from corporate jobs that don’t excite them.


The company has built an online platform that aims to connect ambitious, talented but hugely unsatisfied people with “exciting changes, innovative start-ups and epic adventures.”


Employers list job opportunities on the site, while a coaching program provides support and guidance during the job transition phase.


The site also allows members to connect, reflect and find their own path, ultimately serving as an online community for professionals looking for a career change.


As more and more Gen Ys enter the working world, they are increasingly overwhelmed by the level of choice available to them.


They could potentially benefit from a business model similar to Escape the City, as would disenchanted baby bombers also looking for a sea change on the job front. Helping people locate exciting career prospects and promising start-ups could be the basis for your very own start-up.

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