Mapping your mood

Business start-up for Travel guides

Business start-up for Travel guidesGuidebooks can be great tools to have on hand when you’re in a new place, providing you’re happy to follow their recommendations.



What if there was a guidebook tailored to suit a certain mood? This is the idea behind I Feel London, a site that enables users to search for things to do based on their mood.


I Feel brings you a customised map based on nine different moods, including feelings such as hungover, sophisticated, feminine and broke.


I Feel’s founder, Andy Whitlock, has got the ball rolling for each map by offering a  handful of mood-specific ideas and activities, with future contributions to be encouraged by others.


With regard to seeing the sights here in Australia, surely tourists and locals alike would benefit from an I Feel-inspired service.


You could start with your own city or locality and gradually grow the business to encompass all Australian cities and tourism hotspots. The tourism sector may be suffering at present, but there is still a $40 billion market there to tap into.

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