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Business start-up for home delivered meals

Business start-up for home delivered mealsStart-ups keen to cash in on the post-GFC surge in ‘dining in’ should take a look at Dutch website Tweetjemee.



The food-focused site helps people sell their home-cooked meals and desserts to others who live nearby, ultimately serving as a platform for aspiring chefs to test their culinary skills on real customers.


After signing up with Tweetjemee, the neighbourhood chefs upload pictures and descriptions of the meals they’re offering for sale. They list when the food will be available, their preferred pickup times and the item’s price.


Customers select a meal in their neighbourhood, make a payment to the site and pick up the food at the agreed time.


Payments are transferred to the chefs each month, minus a 30% listing fee.


For parents who can’t be bothered cooking but are loathed to buy takeaway, not to mention busy professionals, this kind of site offers a refreshing and more cost-effective alternative to professionally cooked meals in a restaurant.


Such a service could resonate with people here in Australia, if for no other reason than to save money from eating out.

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