Pet-friendly restaurants are on the start-up menu

dining with your dog

dining with your dogThe amount of money pet owners lavish on their animal companions is so considerable, that salons, hotels and clothing for dogs and cats is now commonplace.



Not surprisingly, a business in the United States has gone the extra mile and developed Dining with Dogs, a free site enabling dog owners to find restaurants in their area that allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas.


Based in California, the site caters for dog owners in New York, Chicago, California, Arizona and Florida.


The site lets users submit and review restaurants as well as interact with other dog lovers online, ultimately forming a like-minded community of canine enthusiasts.


Guides to pet-friendly hotels have been around for some time, but this new focus on restaurants takes the pet business in an entirely different direction.


Perhaps there’s something in it for an Australian start-up. You could lead the way in a pet-inspired enterprise by developing your own go-to for restaurant-goers looking to take their dog out to dine with them.

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