Storage solution for wine lovers

Business idea for storing wine

Business idea for storing wineAre you a wine lover? If you are, you’re probably hesitant to return to an already-opened bottle after a few days.



Storing already-opened wine is a topic that some people can argue about for hours. What should you do with that half-drunk bottle at the end of the night? Can you just cork it and leave on the counter? Should you decant it and pop it in the fridge?


Fortunately, there’s a new product on the market that is sure to eliminate all of the ambiguity. EuroCave’s So Wine bar aims to extend the shelf life of your half-empty wine bottles for up to 10 days.


Designed as both a preservation and storage system, it has two compartments, each with independent temperature control settings, and vacuum seal technology so you can house bottles of red and white at the same time.


Consider it the wine lover’s version of an esky, and would be perfect on picnics, hikes and tours.


Complementary devices could also be developed for other items such as gourmet meats, cheeses and ice cream. This is the sort of area that a savvy, nimble start-up can steal to meet a consumer need.

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