Try some bartering

The Taskaster says take a thinking break

The Taskaster says take a thinking breakBack in the days of the ancient Romans, when being a Taskmaster had a very different connotation, bartering goods and services was a key part of the economy.




These days, with advisers of all shapes and sizes telling start-ups that cash is king, the very idea of bartering seems silly.


However, depending on the business you are in, a bit of bartering – or contra, as it is known in some sectors – isn’t a bad way to get access to services at a cheap rate.


Now, your ability to use bartering will depend very much on your business. A manufacturer making specialist widgets might not be able to trade with a web designer or business coach, for example, but a retailer, cafe owner or consultant may well be able to offer their services in return for the services of another company.


Picture this. You’ve got a little OHS consultancy, but you’re struggling with writing a proper employment contract. Could you get a template from the lawyer for your contract in return for an OHS audit of the lawyer’s business?


Not everyone will like the idea, but it’s worth thinking about, particularly when cash levels are low.

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