Be proud of your budgetary discipline


This article first appeared on November 20th, 2012.


Recently, I managed to shock a few people over lunch by telling the tale of when I haggled with a salesperson over the price of a fare back from the airport.


“Sure, that young sales rep should have taken more personal responsibility. But haggling over the couple of dollars difference between a two-hour ticket and a SkyBus? Sorry to say, but that’s just being a scrooge,” they say.


A scrooge? As a kid, while other kids were busy watching He-Man, Old Taskmaster stuck up a bedroom wall poster of Scrooge McDuck. Hand drawn on reused paper too. Being called a scrooge is an honour!


Of course, long-time Taskmaster readers will know how much fun cost-cutting competitions at work can be. And who wants to pay for a vicuñacino when an instant coffee does the same job? Especially when that instant coffee comes in a bulk container you bought from CostCo.


Some people seek to persecute the financially prudent amongst us who are inclined towards saving over spending. “Miser. Cheapskate. Skinflint. Moneygrubber. Penny-pincher, Tightwad. Cheap,” they say.


What these spendthrifts need to understand is that when you’re building a business funded by someone else’s hard-earned savings, a little budgetary care doesn’t go astray.


If you succeed in doing what Instagram’s founders did earlier this year – sell a lean start-up with 13 staff to Facebook for $US1 billion – it’s you, rather than the big spenders, who’ll be laughing in the end.


So don’t be shy about cutting your costs or saving your money. Instead, show some (fiscally disciplined) pride!


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