Clean up your desk

The Taskmaster says clean your workspace

The Taskmaster says clean your workspaceHow do you pick an entrepreneur’s desk? It’s the one you can’t see under all the papers, documents, coffee cups and screwed up business plans.



While entrepreneurs are busy creatures and often consider themselves above a menial task like cleaning their desk, it’s actually worth spending five minutes getting your workstation into proper working order.


The Taskmaster is a stickler for such matters. I have in, out and pending trays, a recycling bin and a rubbish bin near at all times. And I also have a rule that nothing can be left on my desk when I am not sitting behind it.


A clean desk sends an important signal to your staff, to any customers who come into your workplace, and to board members or investors who pop in – you’re organised, you’re focused and you’re on top of things.


Oh, and it also means you can’t lose that all-important receipt, invoice or bank statement.


So take five minutes and get it done – today!

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