What kind of salesperson are you?


4. The street smart hustler


Trent Leyshan, CEO of Boom Sales, says successful selling in the start-up phase requires four key attributes. The first he terms “hustle and street smarts”.


“Entrepreneurs by nature have a unique ability to create something from nothing. They circumvent the safer waters knowing they are a sure path to mediocrity,” says Levshan.


He says entrepreneurs should be constantly progressing, relentlessly searching for new ways to approach tasks to gain an edge.


“They harness fresh ideas that are sometimes radical, that cut-through to fresh markets and open up new opportunities.”


“They tap into their trusted network to bounce ideas and connect with key people that can advance their cause. They are seldom afraid to call in favours when necessary.”


“Entrepreneurs sense what’s current and hear what’s working successfully for others. They take ideas from everywhere and evolve them to suit their specific needs.”


“They make the most of every opportunity, knowing it’s critical to take a chance early in the game.”


“They draw on social and free forms of media to promote their message cost effectively and create innovative ways to promote their business.”



5. The teacher 


According to Leyshan, the second approach to sales that is common among successful entrepreneurs is the student-teacher dynamic.


They are inspired to teach and empower others. They educate people with critical, game-changing information and insights, inspiring their customers to gain a competitive edge.”


“Always learning and forever growing, they spend their free time advancing their knowledge and skills. They take an insightful approach to selling, which means they immerse themselves in their chosen subject matter.”



6. The self-aware seller


The third dynamic Leyshan identifies of those who can successfully sell a start-up is self-aware rather than self-conscious behaviour.


Like Sansoni, he says the best entrepreneurs can rapidly adapt their approach to connect with varying personality types.


“Talented listeners, they customise their approach and communication to fit their audience and unique demands of their customers.”


“Both confident and commanding without being pushy or egocentric, effective entrepreneurs are never crippled by fear of rejection, they are prepared to get in your face when they need to, to share their insights and what they believe in.”



7. The persistent seller


Finally, says Leyshan, entrepreneurs who can successfully sell are disciplined, persistent and resilient.


“They value actions not distractions and are not easily deterred from achieving their goals. They are laser-focused and fully committed to their endeavours, and believe in what they do and their unique ability to influence.”


“Mistakes and adjusting are part of the game; all carefully acknowledged and reviewed as key stepping stones in their learning pathway.”