Get your staff outside


TaskmasterI love this time of year. The sun is starting to shine, the sport of kings (horse racing for the uninitiated) is heating up and the roses are in full bloom.


After the long and tough winter for many businesses, spring should come as a welcome change in start-ups and as a business leader, you can capitalise on this by injecting a bit of energy into your business.


Here’s what to do. Study the weather, pick a nice sunny day and call a company barbecue or, if this is not possible, find a pub or cafe that can do a lunch outside.


Spend a good hour or so eating lunch and enjoying the sunshine. I guarantee everyone will feel better and brighter almost immediately.


While this is mainly a great little team building idea, you should try to talk a little business. Have a quick chat about your goals for the rest of the year and make sure everyone knows you are looking for a big effort until the Christmas holidays.


Oh, and tell them there will be a few more BBQs to come.


Get it done – today!

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