Take on an intern

Taskmaster - Internships

Taskmaster - InternshipsIn today’s competitive job market, graduates are always looking (or should be looking) for opportunities to gain experience and industry knowledge.


In many university courses and training programs, this industry knowledge is gained through work-placement programs. Getting involved in these programs is a great way for start-ups to get a look at prospective talent coming through the ranks, expand their networks and give something back to their industry.


Taking on an intern or student for a period can obviously provide you with an extra pair of hands (particularly helpful when you’ve got a big project on the go) but this shouldn’t be your main motivation for getting involved.


You will be able to see how the next generation of your workforce is being trained, you can get some insights into the latest technology in your sector (students are usually right on top of this) and you might even spot a future employee.


Another benefit is increased awareness – the more industry groups and universities who know about you, the more your network will expand.


Get involved, and get it done – today!

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