Launch a last-minute sales push

The Taskmaster on a Christmas sales push

The Taskmaster on a Christmas sales pushNeed just a few more dollars to hit those end-of-year sales target? Or perhaps you actually need a lot more dollars!


Whatever the case, it could be worth considering a last-minute, lightening fast sales campaign to get those last few deals over the line.


Come up with a compelling offer – it might include a nice discount, or an extra add-on, or a bonus of some sort – and set a strict time limit that forces people to act. For example, you might advertise this deal for 24 hours, or until the end of a certain day.


Wrap it all up with a Christmas message and get it out there via your email database, your Facebook page, your Twitter account and a few carrier pigeons for good measure.


Hopefully it will be just the thing to ensure you end the year on a high note.


Get it done – today!

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