Make that cold call

The Taskmaster says make a cold call

The Taskmaster says make a cold callRight, time to stop procrastinating. Yesterday I gave you some tips about how to prepare for a cold call, but now it’s time for the rubber to hit the road. You’ve got to pick up that phone and actually ring someone.


There are lots of tips for cold calling, but the best advice I have received is around demonstrating some empathy with the client you are trying to land.


So instead of saying, “Can I have a moment of your time?” it’s good to try and start with something like, “I think I can help you with…”


This suggests that you’ve done your homework before the call, you are not going to waste their time, and you’ve put some thought into actually helping them.


From there, demonstrate your knowledge about the company, the industry and how your product can help them. Make the client realise that you are not there for a quick sale, but rather for a long-term relationship.


It won’t work every time, and you need to be prepared for some cold calls to go wrong. But this is a skill that is invaluable, and something business owners need to have a go at.


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