Target an unusual market



This article first appeared September 27, 2011.


Most of the time advertising is all about hitting your target market, which is very logical – when you are spending money on ads of any description, you want to get a return and the best way to get a return is to focus your efforts on those most likely to use your services.


If you run mining safety courses, you might advertise in mining trade publications or around mining-related keywords. If you sell baseball equipment, you advertise in baseball publications or around baseball-related keywords.


For the vast majority of your advertising budget, that makes sense. But each year I like to take a small slice of my budget – it might only be a few hundred dollars – and chase a different market that is perhaps related to my main market.


Using the example above of the mining safety company, I might advertise in another trade publication in the manufacturing or building sector. The ad might go something like this: “Australia’s mining sector is the safest in the world – how can we help your business”.


Try something new – even in just a small way – and you might just discover a lucrative new market.


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