What do I do if I’m not hitting my targets?


If you aren’t meeting your sales targets, there are usually clear reasons why. Don’t sit around and wait for sales to improve – be proactive and figure out why you’re lagging behind.



Look at your message – is it clear what your business actually does? On your website and promotional materials, you should be able to explain what your business does in a couple of sentences. If you can’t, then customers will be confused and won’t buy.

Remember the 80/20 rule – put your concentration on the 20% of your products that bring in 80% of your revenue. Have these products in stock, or focus on those key services that customers are giving the most attention.

Repeat sales are crucial. Give your customers reasons to come back. You could offer discounts to loyal customers, or a type of referral system whereby customers get discounts by bringing in their friends.

Keep in contact with your best customers. Create a database and then contact those who come in regularly, reminding them of any deals you have going on. You should also then contact your less frequent customers, and remind them of any updates in products or services.

Also use realistic sales goals. There’s no point in setting impossible targets. Set an ambitious goal, get there, celebrate, and then set an even more ambitious target.

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