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By Oliver Milman
Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Start-up ideas - cardboard box moversSome of the best start-up ideas sprout from hum-drum daily chores. And there aren’t many more uninteresting tasks than lugging cardboard boxes around.


The problem of dragging a heavy cardboard box, or precariously balancing it on your shoulder, has inspired a group of British entreprenreurs.


A kit called Move-It has been devised that allows you to wheel home any large cardboard box. This is achieved through a set of stick-on components, such as wheels, handle and axis, that you can attach to the box.


The idea can be applied to boxes or varying sizes up to 20 kilos and has been shortlisted for the James Dyson award in the UK.


The concept of ‘taking the pain away’ from consumers with a business idea isn’t a new one. But it’s one that should never be overlooked when searching for inspiration.


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