Google launches seven-inch Nexus tablet for $300 – and it’ll be in Australia by July

6:37AM | Thursday, 28 June

Google released a new tablet device overnight, and all signs are suggesting this may be the first gadget to mount a significant challenge to Apple’s market dominance – and Australians won’t be waiting long to get it.

THE NEWS WRAP: Fairfax says no to Gina

6:16PM | Wednesday, 27 June

Fairfax Media has told Gina Rinehart it is unable to extend an invitation for her to join its board, although chairman Roger Corbett said he hoped an agreement might be possible in the future.

ICANN reveals “.app” as most sought-after top-level domain

6:20AM | Thursday, 14 June

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has revealed the details of 1,930 requests for new web address endings, with “.app” emerging as the most sought-after suffix.

Top five tips to choosing the right domain name

6:23PM | Thursday, 7 June

If you’re a start-up business, it’s unlikely that you’ll be rushing to get one of the new top-level domain names that have been made available.

Should I use a local brand in overseas markets?

6:04AM | Friday, 1 June

I’m looking to sell my products internationally. Should I change my brand’s name to cater for these new markets?

Fear and failure

1:55PM | Monday, 7 January

Last weekend I did the scariest thing I've done in my life. I spoke at TED.

Brisbane start-up Wikifashion shifts to New York after snaring funding

5:15PM | Thursday, 3 May

Brisbane-based student fashion start-up Wikifashion will relocate to New York later this year, after using the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board to set in motion three rounds of funding.

Startup Genome forecasts growth of “transformational entrepreneurship”

4:18AM | Thursday, 26 April

Entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming the world’s primary source of socio-economic value creation, new research claims, with “transformational entrepreneurship” set to take centre stage.

THE NEWS WRAP: RBA hints at May rate cut

5:01AM | Friday, 4 May

Australia will enjoy healthy economic growth of 3.5% this year, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Apple sued by US Department of Justice in eBook price fixing case

4:41AM | Thursday, 12 April

Apple and several major publishing houses are being sued by the United States Government over an eBook price fixing scheme, in a climax to the rumours that have been spreading through the industry for the past several months.

THE NEWS WRAP: Apple sued by US Justice Department

4:12PM | Wednesday, 11 April

The US Justice Department has sued Apple and five publishing houses, alleging a “conspiracy” to raise prices and limit competition for eBooks, but has already reached a partial settlement.

Amazon plant takes the pain away

4:13AM | Thursday, 5 April

An anaesthetic gel from the Amazon could replace injections in the dentist’s surgery. Made from a plant that indigenous tribes discovered centuries ago, the gel is about to enter late-stage trials.

Groupon embarks on mobile start-up shopping spree

2:06AM | Monday, 20 February

Groupon has acquired two US-based mobile start-ups as it hones in on the mobile market, hot on the heels of new data that shows the mobile, social and deals categories led private tech investments in 2011.

Top 10 home-based business myths

1:53AM | Thursday, 10 January

This article first appeared on July 17th, 2012.   The advantages of starting your business from the comfort of your own home are clear – you keep your overheads to a minimum, you eliminate the daily commute and you can be flexible with your hours.

Is there a way I can avoid postage delays when I send my products out?

3:33AM | Saturday, 24 March

I’ve read about how Australia Post is struggling with all of the extra parcels created from the increase in online shopping. Is there a way I can get around any delays? Should I use a delivery company, or just stick to Australia Post?   The 2011 Christmas sales period will be remembered as the absolute breakout year for online sales in Australia.

Five top tips to improve your email marketing

5:07AM | Wednesday, 2 May

As email has become a ubiquitous tool for the public, businesses have been able to take advantage of a low-cost, high-reach and easily measurable marketing medium.

The global start-up treasure hunt

3:04AM | Friday, 15 March

With Australian venture capitalists unwilling, or unable, to back new ventures, Aussie start-ups are increasingly heading to the departure lounge in an attempt to secure funding.

Google, Microsoft entice start-ups via self-promotion

3:43AM | Friday, 15 March

Tech giants Google and Microsoft have offered new incentives to start-ups and small businesses in an attempt to increase the user numbers for their respective technologies.

Putting a price on your value proposition

3:44AM | Monday, 11 March

Pricing a product or service can be tricky, particularly if it is new to the market. But as Calvin Ng and John Kolenda found out, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Melbourne start-up iLID turns to Kickstarter for funding

12:56AM | Monday, 5 December

Start-ups shouldn’t rely on crowdsourcing platforms to generate traffic, according to Melbourne-based start-up iLID, which is raising funds on Kickstarter for its iPhone-inspired product.