How I built the Amazon empire: Four top tips from Jeff Bezos

3:09AM | Monday, 11 March

Start-ups should respond to skepticism systematically and be prepared for a fight from the very beginning, says Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who has shared his thoughts on entrepreneurship.

Cyber Monday sales up: Three eCommerce lessons from the US

3:44AM | Monday, 11 March

A week after the Click Frenzy debacle in Australia, Americans have started Cyber Monday – the yearly sale that inspired the local version.

Uber prepares for Sydney launch: Five top tips from the US venture’s GM

3:39AM | Monday, 11 March

The Australian general manager of US-based car service Uber has offered start-ups some advice after spending five years in Silicon Valley, as the business gears up for its Australian launch.   Uber, based in San Francisco, is an on-demand car service where drivers pick up users based on iPhone, Android, SMS and web-based requests.   Last month, Uber confirmed its intention to launch in Australia, posting job descriptions for an operations manager and a community manager, having already hired a general manager.   That person is David Rohrsheim, who is heading up Uber’s expansion to Sydney after spending five years in Silicon Valley, where he not only worked but attended Stanford Business School.   Ahead of Uber’s Sydney launch next week, Rohrsheim shares his insights about start-ups:   Never stop moving   “I was a bit of an IT geek as a kid. I studied engineering at uni but was encouraged to do a double degree in finance, so I would understand more than just engineering,” Rohrsheim says.   “I spent a few years working with [global management consulting firm] Bain and then was introduced to a VC firm in San Francisco, Draper Fisher Jurvetson.”   “I worked for them for two-and-a-half years… It was an ideal way to meet a lot of people in a short period of time. I was welcomed into the valley.”   “I then applied to Stanford Business School, which was just down the road… Almost half of the people in venture capital [in Silicon Valley] have a Stanford MBA.”   “I decided it would just be a fun experience. I thought of it as a gift I gave myself.”   Be driven by the cause, not the title   “The biggest change in my mindset over the last five years is to actively pursue projects I’m passionate about… It’s important to solve a problem that matters to you.”   “I do think too many people start businesses – and this is all around the world – because they think it’s sexy or they want the CEO title.”   “Start-ups are such hard work that if it isn’t your main reason for being alive, eventually you will give up on one of the down days.”   Silicon Valley is hard work   “You’re encouraged to get on the plane and go to Silicon Valley, where it will all work out.”   “I think sometimes people are expecting too much. They expect to arrive and for it to just start happening… Get as much of [your] story together before you arrive over there.”   “There’s a lot of magic there but you’ve got to get some runs on the board first.”   Don’t be afraid to come home   “It was a tough choice to come back… I had many more friends in San Francisco than anywhere else in the world.”   “I wanted to work for a disruptive consumer technology company, and there’s lots of them there, but in the back of my mind I knew I would come home one day.”   “I didn’t think it would be so soon, but the Uber opportunity was one of the most interesting jobs I could imagine back in Australia.”   Get frustrated   “I am personally frustrated by how long we have to wait for innovative services in Silicon Valley to move down to Australia.”   “Every day I am longing for Amazon Prime and I am highly motivated to shorten that gap, and Uber is just my first project.”   “Australians are tech-savvy, wealthy and share a common language, so we deserve to have the latest from Silicon Valley earlier.”

Sensis brings out the big guns for third hackathon

3:41AM | Monday, 11 March

Sensis is to roll out a fresh ‘hackathon’ in Melbourne this weekend, including an impressive list of mentors such as Lonely Planet’s Gus Balbontin and Scott Rogers from Seek.

Co-working growing pains

11:23PM | Tuesday, 13 November

A growing number of start-ups are claiming co-working spaces to be their secret weapon, giving them a competitive edge in their quest for world domination.

Growth of Android ecosystem underlines app opportunities

3:03AM | Monday, 11 March

There are increasing opportunities for aspiring app developers in the Android ecosystem, new research suggests, as the wide range of brands and price points continues to win over consumers.

iPad mini: How it compares to its three main rivals

10:17AM | Friday, 26 October

Until now, entrepreneurs had two broad category choices when it came to mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.

iPad mini lends itself to location-based apps: Expert

3:28AM | Tuesday, 12 March

App developers should be able to quickly get to grips with the newly released iPad mini, and will also be presented with several opportunities, including the creation of location-based apps, according to an industry expert.

Is the email still the king of marketing?

10:02AM | Friday, 19 October

Many of the marketers and entrepreneurs I most admire still favour email marketing. And I do too. If I could only do one type of marketing, it’s what I’d do.

Apple to debut iPad Mini on October 23

3:45AM | Tuesday, 12 March

Apple is getting ready to debut the smaller version of its iPad on October 23, a new report claims, following weeks of rumours and speculation.

Six top tips to avoid an outsourcing disaster

9:23AM | Wednesday, 12 September

I see so many start-ups that simply waste money, unintentionally (I've invested in them).

ANALYSIS: Why Silicon Valley-style innovation is here to stay

8:35AM | Wednesday, 22 August

As soon as one sector of the economy starts to boom, a procession of observers and industry experts start to queue up to label it as a bubble that will invariably burst.

The Reading Room looking to open book on expansion, new investment

8:11PM | Monday, 20 August

A small Sydney start-up is looking to break the eBook hegemony of tech giants Apple and Amazon by raising funds and expanding rapidly in Australia, the US and Europe.

Understanding the future of the media

7:42AM | Friday, 20 July

I just read an awesome blog post written by Albert Wenger from Union Square Ventures.

Google launches seven-inch Nexus tablet for $300 – and it’ll be in Australia by July

6:37AM | Thursday, 28 June

Google released a new tablet device overnight, and all signs are suggesting this may be the first gadget to mount a significant challenge to Apple’s market dominance – and Australians won’t be waiting long to get it.

THE NEWS WRAP: Fairfax says no to Gina

6:16PM | Wednesday, 27 June

Fairfax Media has told Gina Rinehart it is unable to extend an invitation for her to join its board, although chairman Roger Corbett said he hoped an agreement might be possible in the future.

ICANN reveals “.app” as most sought-after top-level domain

6:20AM | Thursday, 14 June

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has revealed the details of 1,930 requests for new web address endings, with “.app” emerging as the most sought-after suffix.

Top five tips to choosing the right domain name

6:23PM | Thursday, 7 June

If you’re a start-up business, it’s unlikely that you’ll be rushing to get one of the new top-level domain names that have been made available.

Should I use a local brand in overseas markets?

6:04AM | Friday, 1 June

I’m looking to sell my products internationally. Should I change my brand’s name to cater for these new markets?

Fear and failure

1:55PM | Monday, 7 January

Last weekend I did the scariest thing I've done in my life. I spoke at TED.