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Hairhouse Warehouse flags global expansion to Asia, US

4:59AM | Friday, 27 April

Australian franchise Hairhouse Warehouse has set its sights on a number of overseas markets as part of its next growth phase, including Asia, the United States and the Middle East.

The great franchise giveaway

5:09AM | Wednesday, 2 May

The problem franchisors face in recruiting quality franchisees isn’t a new one, but only recently have industry players begun to offer bold incentives, such as the reduction or elimination of fees.

Fair Work Ombudsman launches National Franchise Program

3:17AM | Friday, 15 March

The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched a franchise program in a bid to strengthen the sector, teaching franchisors how to best promote compliance with workplace laws.

New web tool aims to help franchisees hit the right spot

3:00AM | Friday, 15 March

A new website allows users to download traffic estimates for major roads around a selected site, making it easier for franchisors to choose the best locations for their franchise venues.   Geodemographic modeling business Spectrum Analysis, in conjunction with Veitch Lister Consulting and Harvest Digital Planning, has licenced its data to Shell, Caltex and McDonald’s.   It is now making it accessible through online subscription. The new website enables users to look at traffic estimates for roads in all major capital cities and many large towns.   Spectrum Analysis managing director Peter Buckingham says people can now access consistent traffic information from one source, claiming this has never been done before in Australia.   “We’ve always thought the potential would be for medium and smaller companies. We want to hook it wider than just the big guys like Caltex,” Buckingham says.   Zenith Traffic Estimates is an online mapping application powered by the Zenith Traffic Model; a strategic travel forecasting model with multimodal and time-period predictive capabilities.   The model is capable of estimating: Trip generation. How many trips will people who reside in each travel zone make each workday, and for what purposes? Trip distribution. To which travel zone will they travel to satisfy their travel needs, and at what time of the day? Mode choice. What mode(s) of travel will they choose? Trip assignment. Which route(s) will be chosen? “Trip generation, trip distribution, and trip assignment have been simulated for vehicles for each small area in selected major metropolitan and fringe metropolitan areas,” Buckingham says.   “A synthesis of this information has been used to produce traffic count estimates for segments of roads in selected major metropolitan and fringe metropolitan areas of Australia.”   Buckingham says traffic count estimates have been used to maximise returns from outdoor advertising because they enable companies to advertise on segments of roads with higher traffic.   “Amongst other applications, this database can be used in decisions relating to network development and site analysis,” he says.   “The Zenith iSite GIS database will allow you to have a new level of confidence in traffic count estimates in all major markets across Australia.”   “Whether you require data for a single location, or wish to test a number of different locations, Zenith … will empower you to make more informed business-planning decisions.”   Rod Young, managing director of DC Strategy, says franchisors should not be discouraged when searching for the perfect sites for their network, urging them to set their sights high.   “Look for better locations as pressure on retail site demand has lessened,” he says.

The changing face of franchising

4:55AM | Friday, 27 April

Australia’s $130 billion franchising industry managed to haul itself through the GFC without serious damage, but it has emerged the other side a different looking beast and now faces several key challenges.

Braaap founder named runner-up in global entrepreneurship award

12:04PM | Sunday, 5 December

Brad Smith, founder of Braaap, has been placed runner-up in the Junior Chamber International Creative Young Entrepreneur Award.

Franchises facing recruitment challenge

12:28AM | Monday, 6 December

Australia’s franchises are in good shape, although recruiting franchisees remains a major issue, according to new research.

Solving your sales & marketing problems

4:15AM | Friday, 27 April

We have asked a range of sales and marketing experts and entrepreneurs to help solve some common problems that may still be confronting business owners.