Four things you can learn from the Yahoo! website redesign

3:44AM | Friday, 15 March

Yahoo! is redesigning the main entry into its website in a bid to create a “more modern experience” for users, suggesting start-ups can take inspiration from the embattled tech giant.

Set up a personal blog

2:20AM | Thursday, 21 February

Unfamiliarity is the breeding ground of excuses, just like a kid standing at the edge of the big diving board at the local pool. Or a politician trying to give an honest answer for the first time.

Set up a personal blog

3:53AM | Wednesday, 13 March

Unfamiliarity is the breeding ground of excuses, just like a kid standing at the edge of the big diving board at the local pool. Or a politician trying to give an honest answer for the first time.

Entrepreneurialism is AlwaysOn in Australia, says leading US entrepreneur

2:07PM | Wednesday, 20 February

High-profile American entrepreneur Tony Perkins has highlighted US investors’ increasing appetite for Australian companies, ahead of Australia’s first-ever AlwaysOn conference.

ASX won’t be launching a start-up platform, but do start-ups care?

2:43AM | Tuesday, 19 February

The Australian Securities Exchange says it won’t be copying the London Stock Exchange, which has launched a new platform for start-ups, but a start-up financing business says Australian start-ups don’t care.

Roamz to help relieve retailers’ woes with new analytics tool

2:36AM | Tuesday, 19 February

Australian app developer Jonathan Barouch has promised to help retailers by way of a new app tool, which utilise social media data to deliver real-time insight about customers.

Which social media platform best suits your business?

2:28AM | Wednesday, 20 February

I had lunch with some close friends of mine who own a gym.

What are the most important parts of a marketing plan for a retail business?

3:57AM | Wednesday, 13 March

The basics of a marketing plan are true no matter what kind of business you’re in. It involves the famous “Ps”, which help determine what your overall customer offer will be.

Bling makes shoes twice as nice

3:00AM | Wednesday, 13 March

Not many couples come up with a business idea on their honeymoon, but Sharmeen Arain and Rax Huq are not your average couple.

A cloudy business forecast

2:33AM | Friday, 15 February

Don’t let the title fool you. I’m not at all pessimistic about the future of Australian business.

Ingogo on the go after securing fresh funds

2:10AM | Wednesday, 13 February

Sydney-based taxi booking app Ingogo has secured a fresh round of funds from a host of new, high-profile investors, with founder Hamish Petrie flagging plans for a national rollout.

Sydney Dev Camp co-founder launches The Startup Community

2:37AM | Wednesday, 13 February

The co-founder of Sydney Dev Camp is attempting to create a directory of the “who’s who” of the Sydney tech start-up ecosystem, after launching a website called The Startup Community.

How to drive revenue through your blog

3:15AM | Thursday, 14 March

If you are an entrepreneur with a blog, you’ll no doubt be keen to learn the different ways to monetise it. Otherwise it’s really just a hobby.

Changes to Google AdWords "a big win" for start-ups

3:56AM | Friday, 15 March

Google today announced big changes to its AdWords money-making machine in a move which experts say will be a boon to small business.

Thinking of launching an online retailer? Meet Gerry Harvey

3:20AM | Thursday, 14 March

Last night, I was back at the Taskmaster Ranch, lounging back in a recliner after a long day at work, flicking through the channels, brandy old-fashioned in hand.

Google wins High Court case against ACCC over online ads

3:58AM | Friday, 15 March

The High Court has handed down a decision in the ongoing case between Google and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, saying the search engine giant is not responsible for displaying misleading ads made by a third party.

Indie retail platform tees up new fashion opportunities

2:34AM | Monday, 4 February

An online T-shirt store seems like an exhausted concept, but 27-year-old Glenn Tan insists his Sydney-based business Tee Me Up can stand out from its competitors.

Andrew Bogut hopes new start-up venture is a slam dunk

3:25AM | Monday, 11 March

Andrew Bogut, Australia’s premier basketballer, has launched a new venture that aims to help Australian start-ups gain contacts and funding opportunities in Silicon Valley.

Twitter's new video service: How Vine can help your business

3:24AM | Monday, 11 March

Small businesses are being tipped to keep an eye on Twitter's new video service, which allows users to film up to six seconds of video and post it to their social feeds without the use of a third-party uploading service like YouTube.

Nine things I've learnt from a website redesign

3:38AM | Thursday, 14 March

When you find yourself in your client’s shoes, it’s a very valuable learning experience.