Sydney incubator Pollenizer expands to Singapore, excited by “vibrant start-up ecosystems”

8:47AM | Wednesday, 15 August

Sydney tech start-up incubator Pollenizer has branched out to Singapore, launching a new hub in the city state and launching its first start-up there.

THE NEWS WRAP: Yahoo! investigates security breach

7:19PM | Thursday, 12 July

Yahoo! is investigating reports of a security breach that may have exposed nearly half a million users’ email addresses and passwords.

Seven in ten SMEs would happily start up again: Survey

7:09AM | Monday, 2 July

It seems start-ups are the envy of their larger counterparts, with a new report revealing more than 70% of SMEs would be happy to start up a business again, partly for the sense of pride.

Spreets co-founder points to start-up passion after leaving Yahoo!7

6:01AM | Friday, 1 June

Spreets co-founder Dean McEvoy has declared himself a “start-up guy”, after it was confirmed he and fellow co-founder Justus Hammer are leaving Yahoo!7, which acquired Spreets last year.

Five business rebrands that got lost in translation

5:17PM | Thursday, 17 May

Gone are the days when you can choose your new business’ name and logo safe in the knowledge that it won’t immediately be picked apart by consumers across the world.

Yahoo!7 to stop Spreets performance payments as group buying market dries up

4:00AM | Monday, 16 April

Yahoo!7 may be starting to encounter the downside of the group buying industry as a new report indicates the media giant is no longer expected to make any more performance-related payments to its subsidiary Spreets.

Apple co-founder says patent wars will hurt start-ups

4:38AM | Tuesday, 10 April

The number of intellectual property lawsuits being filed by major tech companies could prevent future entrepreneurs from achieving success, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

THE NEWS WRAP: BCA says surplus should not stunt productivity

4:41PM | Wednesday, 4 April

Business Council of Australia president Tony Shepherd has warned the Federal Government against pursuing a surplus at the cost of lower productivity.

Pollenizer’s Pygg raises $600k while Wooboard heads to US

3:49AM | Friday, 15 March

Pollenizer-backed start-up Pygg has raised $600,000 in six months from a host of investors, including Yahoo!7 chief Rohan Lund and Tim Howard of Seven Network’s Vividwireless.

Atlassian opens doors for FedEx Day

11:19AM | Tuesday, 29 November

Australian software company Atlassian is encouraging start-ups to apply for its “FedEx Day”, with the winner gaining access to a 24-hour innovation event hosted by Atlassian engineers.

Yahoo!7 search trends highlight opportunities for SMEs

11:01AM | Tuesday, 29 November

Businesses that create content based on popular search terms must ensure they have a relevant tie-in, an expert advises, after Yahoo!7 released its search trend data for 2011.

Start-up Pygg launches with Twitter-centric payments app

10:58AM | Monday, 24 October

Tech start-up Pygg went public today with a new app that allows consumers to send and receive money through social networks, but doubts loom over the perceived security of such systems.

Top 10 start-up incubators

5:58AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Start-up incubators are not exactly new. The concept of helping foster promising young businesses formally kicked off in 1959, when the Batavia Industrial Center in New York opened its doors for the first time.

OtherInbox filters email-based idea

9:38AM | Monday, 12 September

For those who struggle to manage the constant stream of newsletters, store promotions and daily deals to their inbox, OtherInbox can separate the important stuff from the junk.

The Video Network

8:42AM | Wednesday, 24 August

Ex-Microsoft employees Peter Ostick and Josh Iselin teamed up last year to launch The Video Network, an internet TV sales platform.

Group buying set for consolidation as Cudo put up for sale

8:15AM | Tuesday, 16 August

Group buying site Cudo is up for sale for more than $60 million, according to reports, less than 12 months after it was launched by Nine Entertainment.

Kayweb Angels invests $900,000 in three start-ups

8:41PM | Sunday, 7 August

An Australian-run New York angel fund has invested the equivalent of $900,000 in three start-ups using an innovative model that exchanges equity for services and mentorship, rather than cash.

Spreets’ 10-month journey to $40m

7:03AM | Friday, 29 July

Pete Gadget Guy Blasina speaks to Spreets founders Dean McEvoy and Justus Hammer about how they hatched the idea for a start-up that was snapped up by Yahoo!7 for $40m within a year of its launch.

The world’s super rich as you’ve never seen them before

6:37PM | Thursday, 23 June

If you are part of the world’s super rich, you have little chance of being an eccentric, unknown recluse these days. Endless rich lists and the celebritification of the wealthy ensure your finances and personal life will be dissected by the media.

How far advanced should my ‘end game’ be when negotiating with an investor?

6:56AM | Tuesday, 21 June

If you are an early stage or high growth company it is very difficult to forecast how and when you will exit the business.