The Power of foursquare


LOCATION: Australia

FROM: Wednesday, 08 Feb 2012 12:00
UNTIL: Wednesday, 08 Feb 2012 13:00


What if you could reward your customers, build their loyalty and let them help market your business?


Location-based marketing lets you provide targeted offers and develop more meaningful interactions between your customers and your products and services.

Millions of times a day, people use the mobile networking application foursquare to check in and share where they are. Whether checking out a new restaurant, meeting up with friends or visiting a favourite store, they are recording and sharing their experiences.


As a business or brand on foursquare, you can be a big part of that experience.


Join us on 8 February when Carmine Gallo, author of new book The Power of foursquare is our guest on BOOKED for Lunch - Webinars with the world's leading business book authors.


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