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LOCATION: Upstairs @ the Leveson Hotel, 46 Leveson St, North Melbourne

FROM: Thursday, 07 Oct 2010 17:30
UNTIL: Thursday, 07 Oct 2010 20:00

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Sausage Software, Freeonline, Looksmart, Adacel, Hitwise &  Seek are local companies that have negotiated major international deals, but their case studies aren't being taught in business schools.  Successful Australian Entrepreneurs have mastered the art of the deal.  Negotiation is one of their key competencies, but its rarely offered in our business schools.  It also appears that a Master/Apprentice relationship is the best way of learning deal making.


So how do you get better at "The Art of the Deal"?  Hear from our panel of insiders that  will look at this and your questions in an open forum, including:

* What are the principles of entrepreneurial negotiation?

* What are does a Melbourne deal look like compared to Sydney?

* How do you move forward with someone that just wants the standard deal?

* How do you know what's on or off the table when their are no precedents?

* How do you get better at "the art of the deal"

* Are their mentors or coaches you can access?

* What are the habits of highly successful deal makers?

* What are the trap's for young players

* Tales of success and failure


The format will be Open Forum - 5 minutes from each speaker then an hour of robust audience Q&A.   Ticket price includes drinks, canapés and a copy of the Notes from the evening  



Jim Paulyshyn - Deal Sherpa

Dominic Carosa - CEO,Dominet Digital

Kath Murphy - Principal Consultant, Scotwork

Richard Llewellyn - Executive Director, Howitt  & Co.



Brendan Lewis - Managing Director Flinders Pacific & Chair of the Churchill Club


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