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Commercialisation Australia showers cash on Brisbane energy efficiency start-up

7:00AM | Tuesday, 31 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

A Brisbane start-up will develop an energy-efficient shower system using a $795,000 grant, courtesy of Commercialisation Australia, which has unveiled its latest round of recipients.

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University R&D grants dwindle as industrial research forges on

7:51PM | Monday, 30 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

The scope of a competitive grants scheme has been questioned after it was revealed university research and development supporting grants totalled $22 million less in 2012 than in 2011, despite the government’s heavy focus on this area.

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Average household wealth up 20% but consumers still cautious

7:48PM | Monday, 30 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has attributed new figures showing an increase in average household wealth to Labor’s response to the global financial crisis, although consumer spending remains very conservative.

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London Olympics venue to be transformed into start-up incubator

7:09PM | Friday, 27 July 2012 | Oliver Milman

The London Olympics are set to provide a direct spur to start-ups, with the press and broadcast centre for the Games set to become an incubator for new businesses once all of the medals have been awarded.

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Sydney entrepreneur’s start-up smashes Kickstarter funding target

7:00AM | Friday, 27 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

Sydney-born entrepreneur John van den Nieuwenhuizen has big plans for his Apple-inspired start-up Hidden, which is on the cusp of raising $1 million on crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

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Economists unconvinced record-low inflation spells further rate cuts

7:24PM | Thursday, 26 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

Economists have played down the prospect of a further interest rate cut, despite new data showing that inflation has slipped to its lowest point since 1999.

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Victoria’s $6 million Streetlife program kicks off Small Biz Festival

7:21PM | Thursday, 26 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

Business groups have welcomed the Victorian Government’s $6 million Streetlife program, launched yesterday, which is designed to inject new life into small retail businesses.

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How do you keep the taxman at bay if you run a cash business?

7:00PM | Thursday, 26 July 2012 | Brad Callaughan

The ATO looks for businesses operating outside sector averages. If you order $100,000 worth of goods and only record $10,000 in sales, expect the taxman to ask questions.

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Five sectors set to thrive beyond the mining boom

7:15PM | Thursday, 26 July 2012 | Oliver Milman

Some analysts have predicted Australia’s mining boom is nearing an end. So which emerging industries are set to pick up the slack when the boom goes bust? BY OLIVER MILMAN.

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How we raised $1.2 million from Peter Thiel: ScriptRock

7:23PM | Wednesday, 25 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

Honesty is a virtue often underrated by start-ups seeking investment, according to local start-up ScriptRock, after it raised $1.2 million in a round led by vaunted US serial entrepreneur Peter Thiel.

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NAB hikes business loan rates again

7:09PM | Wednesday, 25 July 2012 | Cara Waters

NAB insists that a rise in its business lending rates is not linked to the bank's mortgage market push.

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Biotech firm seeks $500,000 to be the catalyst for medical innovations

7:58PM | Tuesday, 24 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

Australian biotech company Catalyst Medial has revealed it is looking to raise up to half a million dollars in order to commercialise new products from incubators and universities.

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New credit card reforms: What your start-up needs to know

7:40PM | Tuesday, 24 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

Do you use a credit card in your start-up? If so, you need to be familiar with the credit card reforms that came into force on July 1, and what these changes mean for your start-up. BY MICHELLE HAMMOND.

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Sydney tech start-up OrionVM sniffs out Series A funding in US

7:00AM | Tuesday, 24 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

Sydney-based tech start-up OrionVM is preparing to close a Series A round in the United States, with plans to open an office in San Francisco and a datacentre in Silicon Valley.

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US start-up funding in decline, but local outlook not so grim

7:10PM | Monday, 23 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

A new report reveals start-up funding in the United States is in decline, falling by 12% in the April-June period, but a local body says the fundraising climate in Australia isn’t quite as tough.

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Data underlines Australia's two-speed economy

7:40PM | Monday, 23 July 2012 | James Thomson

Western Australia's mineral riches are keeping it ahead of the pack.

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Tech start-up funding revealed

7:00PM | Monday, 23 July 2012 | Oliver Milman

Silicon Valley was once emthe/em place for tech start-ups, but is that still the case? If your mobile app or eCommerce site is the next big thing, here's how (and where) to get funding. BY OLIVER MILMAN.

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Why the price is rarely right for start-ups

7:39PM | Monday, 23 July 2012 | Nina Hendy

Setting prices can be tricky: Too low and you go broke, too high and you scare off potential consumers. Thankfully, there are ways to make sure your price is always right. BY NINA HENDY.

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Annual spending up 10% but businesses told not to lose focus

7:04PM | Friday, 20 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

Spending is up more than 10% on a year ago, according to the Commonwealth Bank Business Sales Indicator, which shows Queensland has marked its 12th straight month of trend BSI gains.

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ATO highlights focus areas for 2012/13: Sham contracting high on its list

7:36PM | Thursday, 19 July 2012 | Michelle Hammond

The Australian Taxation Office has released its 2012/13 compliance program, with information for individuals and micro enterprises, prompting another warning about sham contracting.

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