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Bitcoin here to stay and ready to grow: Australian investors back CoinJar with $500,000

12:32PM | Tuesday, 3 December 2013 | Rose Powell

CoinJar, a Melbourne-based bitcoin exchange and payment system, has raised $500,000 in seed funding from a range of individual investors and the Blackbird Ventures seed fund.

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When venture capital investment isn’t everyone’s cup of tea: SelfWealth’s fundraising story

12:00AM | Tuesday, 3 December 2013 | Gavin Lower

When investment tool SelfWealth went looking to raise around $3 million to bring its information technology in-house, it considered but then rejected accessing venture capital sources.

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Employee share schemes aren’t just for start-ups: Why this 30-year-old company is giving it a try

12:34PM | Monday, 2 December 2013 | Myriam Robin

If you lack the cash to pay the talent you need, shares in your company may be one of the few assets you have.

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The importance of knowing your numbers

12:54PM | Monday, 2 December 2013 | Marc Peskett

It’s surprising how many entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with the bottom-line performance of their businesses. Thankfully, a little external advice can make a world of financial difference.

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State-by-state tax review reveals Queensland and South Australia as the best places to start-up

11:35PM | Thursday, 28 November 2013 | Rose Powell

A new report into state-based business taxes has revealed South Australia and Queensland are the cheapest states to launch a company in.

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SafetyCulture closes $3 million fundraising round

11:18PM | Thursday, 28 November 2013 | Rose Powell

Workplace health and safety start-up SafetyCulture has closed a $3 million fundraising round, made up of $1.79 million from Commercialisation Australia, $1 million from Blackbird Ventures and $210,000 from angel investors.

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Bring Your Own Code hackathon competition offers $13,500 in prize money

11:17PM | Wednesday, 27 November 2013 | Gavin Lower

Australian mobile engagement company Mnet is offering $13,500 in prizes at its Bring Your Own Code hackathon competition in Sydney next week.

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Global angel and seed investment deals up by 375% in the last five years

11:57PM | Tuesday, 26 November 2013 | Rose Powell

Early stage venture capital investment has boomed globally over the past five years, according to investment tracking group Preqin, but follow-up series A funding has dropped slightly.

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Airtasker raises a further $2 million: Co-founder on the trend towards hyper-local tech offerings

11:13PM | Tuesday, 26 November 2013 | Rose Powell

Airtasker, an online marketplace for outsourcing short-term jobs, has closed a $2 million funding round with Exto Partners, BridgeLane Capital and a range of private equity investors.

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AVCAL calls for urgent action on start-up investment tax issues

11:00PM | Tuesday, 26 November 2013 | Rose Powell

Start-up investment tax issues were at the top of the agenda for Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL) chief executive Yasser El-Ansary when he met with the office of the federal assistant treasurer this week.

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Outsourcing boom: Cloudstaff raises $500,000 from investors

11:26PM | Monday, 25 November 2013 | Rose Powell

Cloudstaff, an Australian outsourcing start-up based in Manila, has raised $500,000 from three local investors Robert Whyte, Trevor Kennedy and serial entrepreneur, Bevan Slattery.

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Cash is king, but does it rule alone?

11:07PM | Monday, 25 November 2013 | Craig Stanmore

In business, they say cash is king. So are you doing enough to manage it, and are there other key factors you need to look at?

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Cashflow: Four tips to manage debtor finance

11:07PM | Friday, 22 November 2013 | StartupSmart

Debtor Finance, also known as invoice finance, gives growing businesses access to finance that would otherwise be trapped in receivables and incoming payments.

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Bitcoin is booming, and so is this start-up that’s processed $14 million in six months

11:50PM | Friday, 22 November 2013 | Rose Powell, a Sydney-based bitcoin derivative trading platform has this week announced they’ve brokered over $14 million in trades since launching in May.

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Top five tips for seeking venture capital and how to prepare for it

11:57PM | Thursday, 21 November 2013 | Rose Powell

As the Australian start-up scene takes off, entrepreneurial-friendly capital markets are evolving with strategic entrepreneurs best positioned to take advantage of the rapidly blossoming opportunities.

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How new accelerator Muru D is making its relationship with investor Telstra work

11:09PM | Thursday, 21 November 2013 | Rose Powell

Managing investors, especially major corporate ones can be a challenge for emerging businesses, but start-up veteran Mick Liubinskas says any concerns he may have had about Telstra reaching out to start-ups have been assuaged.

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Leading accelerator program to open in Sydney next month

11:57PM | Wednesday, 20 November 2013 | Rose Powell

The ANZ Innovyz Start program will launch its first accelerator program in Sydney for three to five start-ups, in tandem with the fourth intake of the Adelaide program.

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IntelligenceBank closes over-subscribed round of $2 million to fund online expansion

11:16PM | Tuesday, 19 November 2013 | Rose Powell

Melbourne-based software start-up IntelligenceBank has today announced it has closed its second seed funding round with an initial investment of $1.1 million with an option for up to $2 million.

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Bitcoin hits record high: Its biggest users aren’t who you think they are

11:34PM | Monday, 18 November 2013 | Myriam Robin

Decentralised virtual currency bitcoin hit a record high overnight, breaking through the $US500 barrier. At 9.20 AEST, it had climbed to $US520.

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Top five tips to build social media hype for your crowdfunding campaign

11:51PM | Friday, 15 November 2013 | Rose Powell

Social media has been awash with calls for crowdfunding donations to a local start-up’s quest to raise an Australian record-setting $250,000 to commercialise the vtalk business phone, billed as a desk phone with smartphone capabilities.

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