Future Makers 2012

It appears not only are barriers such as technology and start-up capital coming crashing down for young Australian entrepreneurs, but also attitudes.   In compiling this year’s Future Makers – our annual selection of the most promising Aussie entrepreneurs aged under 25-years-old – one message came through time and again: Investors, business partners and customers just aren’t that bothered about age any more.   Maybe it’s the ‘Facebook effect’ of continual publicity of the fresh faced billionaires in Silicon Valley. Or maybe we are just ditching unnecessary prejudices regarding age. Maybe both.   Whatever the reason, it’s clear that it’s not startlingly unusual for someone to start a business while at university, gain a legion of customers via social media and raise seven-figure sums in investment before they are out of their teenage years.   So which tyros are at the vanguard of Australia’s young entrepreneurs? We’ve picked out 10 start-ups we believe are destined for great things based on their innovation, passion and success to date.   To meet the class of 2012, click on each of the profiles below:

Liza Shulyayeva


Chanel Costabir


Ruchi Shrestha


Elliott Donazzan


Taylah Hasaballah


Zac Altman


Lachy Groom


Whitney Komor


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