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COSBOA names co-working pioneer Brad Krauskopf as its 2013 Small Business Ambassador

Thursday, 25 July 2013 | By Rose Powell

Hub Australia founder and chief executive Brad Krauskopf has been named Small Business Ambassador for 2013 by the Council of Small Business of Australia.


Hub Australia is a national scheme of co-working spaces with locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.


Krauskopf told StartupSmart the appointment was recognition of the rise and value of co-working.


“It’s super exciting to see how many people who are working are co-working, and it’s really great to get recognition for a way to work that’s good for business and good for work-life balance. It’s only a year ago that I was still having to explain what we do to people and getting a blank stare,” Krauskopf says.


Krauskopf says that while small business isn’t easy, new opportunities are making the idea of launching a business increasingly attractive and accessible to Australians.


“There have definitely been better environments for business before, but if you are open to learning, collaborating and getting out there and seeing what the new options are, it’s a great time to launch a start-up. That doesn’t mean it’s not tough, but there are new ways to do small business,” he says.


Krauskopf says mobile technology, online platforms and more accessible working spaces have made the barriers lower than ever and the opportunities greater.


“With online platforms and the rise of co-working, small businesses can punch well above their weights,” Krauskopf says.


COSBOA executive director Peter Strong says in a statement that when he walks into a Hub Australia premises he sees tomorrow, with big and small groups working together.


The role was announced at the NAB National Small Business Summit in Brisbane. Previous ambassadors include Dick Smith, Alan Jones, David Koch and Ondina Gregori.


“I’m really looking forward to being in this role and getting out there and being a champion for small business,” Krauskopf says. “Going forward, through collaboration, small business can be the engine for the economy in Australia.”


Krauskopf adds that the rise of social media and community workspaces has made authenticity and collaboration more important than ever before.


“Be constantly listening to the people around you, and constantly innovating your product. You’re never done, but there are a lot of people who are really happy to support people who have an authentic, genuine passion for the business they’re looking to launch,” he says.


Krauskopf launched Hub Australia’s first co-working space in Melbourne in March 2011. The Sydney space was opened in May 2013 and the Adelaide space will launch next month.