John Cirocco

John Cirocco

1783 days ago
I have had an ipad for a while, a 16Gb Wifi (no 3g) model. A few weeks post purchase I tried to sell it, unsuccessfully. I am still in the process of writing my blog article titled 'iPad Yay!... Now with Buyers Remorse'.
I knew it was a niche market device before I purchased it, but since I adore my iPhone, I thought a larger idevice would be a god-send.

The flash issue I knew about, but did not realise it would create such an impact on my usage. Shortcomings on the iphone are forgivable, however when using the ipad as a primary internet browsing device it becomes annoying. I fully understand the reason for not being able to offer flash , its to do with flash having roll over interactions which is almost impossible to emulate correctly on an ipad since u have to touch it.

I should have purchased an MSI Wind X340 13" netbook for the same money, at least I could print from it and have a usable file system.

At my house the iPad has turned into a learning device for my 3 year old son. There is a multitude of kids games for it such as puzzles etc.

One saving grace is that I have just purchased Penultimate, which allows me to use the ipad (with the use of a special pen) as a notepad. It records my handwriting as if it were real paper, however, I still cant print off my notes!

In regards to the coming range of tablets featuring Googles Android operating system, I dont think there will be much joy there either.

There was a feature on Engadget regarding a prototype Dell netbook with a swivel screen, this in my opinion is the right path, take a look here

Its got a real keyboard + its a tablet + real Windows/network integration.

Regarding Flash for adverts, I believe the new HTML5 features native animation integration without the Adobe plugin.
Linux : )

Linux : )

1778 days ago
I read this at the weekend, a very good article on this subject.
Simon Richardson

Simon Richardson

1764 days ago
Brendan if you use services such as basecamp or highrise or anything else from 37signals you can use some of the apps to get direct access for faster mngmt as well.

If I had a retail store Id be setting up an app or web page to use it as an interactive sales tool for my sales staff - depending on the products i was selling this could be very effective.

Think about it for Toy rus or or toy kingdom. A kids looking at a new toy, the sales staff have an ipda available and run the promo video specifically for that toy for that kid/parent. Kids love to see what the toy can be used for and the videos from the toy companies make them look awesome. Increase sales? maybe worth a trial.

Or if you had a camera store you could demo the different pics form the different cameras etc etc.

The sort of tool you need to decide what you want to do with it before you purchase it.

Also great for smart homes and home automation applications. Killer app for that stuff and that industry and causing a lot of commoditisation of custom touch screen hardware from vendors in this industry.

Sam Granleese

Sam Granleese

1737 days ago
Hi Brendan

I've had an iPad for about two months now - and find it an invaluable business tool.

My business related use relates primarily to two things:
- reading PDFs, saving paper and cutting down on weight when travelling
- presenting documents or ideas to 1-3 people. The brilliant display makes PDFs, Powerpoint and video files look much better than they do on a laptop, and viewers are naturally drawn to the device, thanks to its X-factor, which means they are probably more engaged. I guess this will wear off over time though.

Taking an iPad on interstate work trips is also incredibly liberating when I can leave my bulky Dell behind.

Other than this, it is mainly a media consumption device for me, which it is amazing at. Though I have started using an app called 'Writer' which is much like an old typewriter. I find it a great tool for keeping you focused on writing just text without all the distractions a computer often throws up.
Patrick Coghlan

Patrick Coghlan

1722 days ago
Hi Brendan,

I use the iPad in a similar way to Sam - presentations, less weight and paper. Our website has a video on it that explains what we do very quickly and clearly. Unfortunately that can sometimes take a while to load in a 3G environment (bring on the NBN) so being able to load it into the videos section is very helpful.

The "wow" factor definitely helps with engagement, though this wont last forever..

From a business point of view though it's not a necessity for me.


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