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Have you used the government's Small Business Support Line? If so, tell about it.

Discussion started by Oliver Milman

Hello all,


the federal government has repeatedly referred to its Small Business Support Line in glowing terms, pointing out this week that the hotline has received 20,000 calls in its first year.


However, we want to know what the experience of using the service is like for small businesses. Are your problems dealt with in a helpful way? Are they resolved within one call?


What kinds of things have you called about? Are there any areas that the hotline doesn't cover? Are there any flaws in the system? Is it ultimately easier to get information via the internet than a phone line anyway?


We are putting together an article on whether the Small Business Support Line has been a success so far for companies. We'd love to hear about your experiences for the piece - good, bad or indifferent.


If you have any views, you can email me in confidence via news (at)


Many thanks.


Oliver Milman

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