Monday, 06 September 2010 16:58

Online Conversion Rates

Discussion started by Marcus

Does anyone have statistics on online conversion rates for any of the following:

- Newsletter Sign-ups

- Survey Completion

- or Sales


Obviously they will vary widely depending on the website and product, but I am after some average figures if anyone has them.

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Chris Dale

Chris Dale

1787 days ago
On-line conversion rates for newsletter sign-ups average at about 2-3% of total unique displays. Not 100% sure of the others.

Campbell Corser

Campbell Corser

1784 days ago
Tough question Marcus,
Really depends on the line of business. I don't keep averages on these types of things handy yet I have got an idea of what things have worked and what have tanked... but it all depends on what you're trying to achieve. For example we may have multiple streams or sources flowing into a newsletter sign-up page and the sign up rate can vary greatly.....We've been using a sign up product called which has some great analytics and reporting. Also survey are really hard to figure out an average... It can depend on factors like:
Win a prize
Get a guartanteed gift (voucher, guide or ebook, discount code)
Telling people how long or short the survey is.