Wednesday, 26 December 2012 16:03

Searching for 4 diverse Entrepreneurs to create a startup no capital required

Discussion started by Chris
I am extending an invitation to all Entrepreneurs out there to join a startup company.

Im looking for a diverse range of team members from around the world or local to initially share ideas for a startup, one idea will be voted by the team as the project and all 5 team members including myself will invest their expertise only with no capital required, just your time, passion, expertise, experiences and hard work!

I will be heading the team as GM and The 4 remaining roles open are as below -

1. Project Manager
2. Financial Manager
3. Marketing/Customer manager
4. Web design/ Development manager

The above team members will receive an equal share in the project and should be degree qualified.

To submit your interest please send the below details to - gm.startupbiz at g mail dot com

- Name and city of residence
- qualifications, interests and any experience
- Reasons you want to be involved in the project and how you can contribute to its success

You don't need to share any ideas for a business you may have at this stage as this will be the first stage of the project once all positions are filled.

Here's to the success of the project and look forward to hearing from you all!

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