Wednesday, 15 September 2010 14:56

Recommended Joomla Components

Discussion started by Brendan Lewis

For the Churchill Club website I have been using Joomla with:

- Community Builder and AEC for membership management,

- Jevents & DT Register for event sales,

- Acajoom for the weekly newsletter.

Im thinking I need a spell checker and a nice survey app.  Is there any recommendations for the Joomla people in the group?


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John Cirocco

John Cirocco

1777 days ago
Hi Brendan, I mainly work with Drupal & Wordpress but I thought I would mention you should try add some facebook/twitter integration modules. I pretty much add them to every site I consult on or build now.
Campbell Corser

Campbell Corser

1773 days ago
Hi Brendan,

I'm interested in how you've found Acajoom. Pieter from Valegro has used it on a few installs and I hear it's pretty good. Regarding a survey App, we use RSForms and I find that pretty good for a basic type survey or form apart from that I've uses the paid 3rd party ones such as Survey Monkey. Flexicontent, which we used on StartupSmart has been really powerful from a publishing point of view and I'd strongly recommend and I'm still exploring all the capabilities of JomSocial.
Simon Richardson

Simon Richardson

1755 days ago
Hi Brendan these guys have some good stuff...I haven't used it but looks ok.:

NINJA FORGE is a great place to look as well:

...and something like their NinjaMonials may work for you as well:

Also check out this post:

Curious why you chose Joomla over Wordpress...