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Graphic design/marketing add on business

Discussion started by Neen

Hi, I have an idea for a website...not sure if it's a service people would use.  I'll start it around logo design, but it can be expanded to all kinds of marketing collateral.  The idea is basically A/B testing online.  When a business owner commissions a logo design, for example, they ususally get a few options.  As a designer I usually find they can narrow it down to 2 and just can't choose from there.

The website would allow a client to upload the two designs for user comparision.  I have a pool of testers (demographically matched) who look at the two designs, and click on the one they like best.  Then report back to the client which design was more successful.  Pretty simple idea...Can be used by business owners, uploading their own designs, or sold to graphic design agencies, with a private label site that they can onsell to their clients.

So what do you think...will it fly?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Sam Granleese

Sam Granleese

1694 days ago
Hi Neen

This is a great simple idea - perhaps you could also partner with some of the large 'crowdsourcing' design sites like 99designs, etc to provide them with your technology?