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Grow, Learn, Create and Lead

Monday, 12 November 2012 15:00

Attracting top staff through creative (yet slightly controversial) job ads

Standing out from the crowd is one of my mantras.


Being different, especially in a cluttered market, can be a real competitive advantage and help you attract opportunities, including the ability to attract top staff from your competitors.


I also like stirring the pot occasionally, which probably comes as no surprise to those who know me.


As a recruitment company owner, I have written, read and seen thousands of job ads. Most put you to sleep, and focus on the ‘what’ with fluffy words and little if any insight into the real personality of the company and its people.


I aim for the opposite and focus on connecting with a reader through being unique yet constructive, demonstrating personality, emotion and basically breaking all the rules on how to write a job ad.


I rarely advertise on SEEK for myself, although it’s interesting to see who you can attract within a few clicks simply by being insightful, honest and a little controversial.


I thought I would share with you the latest job ad I posted on SEEK:


A true ‘Home’ for successful recruiters


Let me take you out of the lost dogs’ home. I can't believe the amount of 'damaged goods' around who've lost their mojo. I turn people's lives around.


This is what I see:


1. Times are tough but there's still good money to be made if you are smart, energetic and motivated.


2. Recruitment companies with terrible leadership and management in place. Management that can't manage, motivate or lead to save themselves.


3. No tools or latest technology available to help recruiters succeed.


4. Slow decision-making – approval upon approval required to buy a coffee for a candidate let alone take a client somewhere nice or host a function.


5. Territorial disputes – over which side of the road a client sits on and handing over briefs despite winning them with no reward or recognition – ridiculous.


6. No TLC or interest in helping one succeed outside of work.


Meet me and read my blog:


I take people out of the RSPCA and turn their lives around. Yes, that's right – out of the lost dogs’ home!


I am obsessed with making people successful.


I serve you. You don't serve me.


A happy life throughout is critical to ensure peace of mind in the workplace to maximise performance.


Imagine loving coming to work: Being in control of your destiny with all the excitement, passion and enthusiasm again.


My job is simple: To transform you into the best recruiter and person you can be so you can achieve everything you want personally and professionally.


It's my job to get you there. I'm your coach, not a manager.


You don't need a manager if you're experienced and successful. What you might need is some really good leadership, mentoring and guidance to push you further and help you along the way.


There is a lot of potential out there, but you need to be playing for the right team.


If you need to wear a fancy suit in a fancy office and your company pays ridiculous overheads to also feed all the non-billing managers – then you're being terribly underpaid. Your billings aren't going to you.


If you need to rely on a big 'brand' name to help you get in the door, which is most likely tarnished in the market place anyway, and you need to be 'fed' by PSAs, then I'm not for you.


I return the maximum possible to each consultant as I run a tight ship YET provide more investment than any other agency per consultant to enable you to bill more. Why wouldn't we host a great lunch for a bunch of execs with a big name speaker and open the door with new clients. Let’s run one every week. Why wouldn't we run a golf day as often as possible? Why wouldn't you invest in LinkedIn Recruiter?


Mature-minded people don't need all the BS. They just want peace of mind, a happy life, a great leader, quick decision-making, no politics or bureaucracy, access to the best tools to help them succeed, surrounded by happy, successful people along with the opportunity to earn A LOT more.




I don't care what sector you recruit in. I back people. I back people who back themselves. I back people who know their sector and have a following and a good reputation where I feel safe that you actually give a sh-t about the quality of service that you provide. I back people who have a proven track record of billings circa $200,000+billers as a minimum in the last 12 months.


I am a home for successful recruiters. Email me:


I want to see your MOJO back!

So there you have it!


Be creative. Stand out from the crowd.


Sure, it’s not for everyone, but I don’t want everyone!


Spend time thinking about why you are different. There’s too many boring companies and leaders around with unengaged staff. Don’t be one of them.


Try something, please, I beg you. If it doesn’t work and you cop some criticism – well done! Try again.


Write from the heart. And, yes, I have received some great responses which include, “I just read your ad and found it very capturing”. I doubt the big boring companies receive engaged, enthused and passionate applicants like I do.

Jonathan Weinstock is the co-founder of (formerly known as, Australia’s #1 Sports Deals site and founder of specialist recruitment company Launchtwo People which helps companies find top talent. Jonathan is on the board of Entrepreneur’s Organisation, Melbourne chapter and a mentor to start-up incubator Angel Cube. Jonathan’s blog aims to help others "Grow, Learn, Create and Lead" better.

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