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Meet the 25 start-ups selected for the Advance Innovation Program

Thursday, 7 March 2013 | By Michelle Hammond

The co-founder of Perth-based start-up Floq is hoping to raise up to $1 million from US investors after being selected as one of 25 start-ups for this year’s Advance Innovation Program.


The Advance Innovation Program, which kicks off in April, gives Australian start-ups the opportunity to network with top-tier incubators, accelerators and investors in Silicon Valley.


Start-ups also have the chance to be mentored by successful US-based Australian entrepreneurs.


Floq, founded in Perth by Jonah Cacioppe and Michael Kruger, is among the 25 companies selected to participate in this year’s program.


Launched in early 2012, Floq is an analytics and survey company providing behaviour insights to help creative, entrepreneurial people succeed.


“We were a little bit surprised [to be selected] because, to be honest, I thought they would pick later stage companies,” Cacioppe told StartupSmart.


“[The program has] a really good lineup of mentors and VCs and stuff they introduce you to.


“We’re hoping to meet a range of people and ideally get investment or at least get introductions to all these people, and come back and secure investment.


“In a year or two, we’d love to be in the US and the best way to get there is having US investors. We’re looking to raise between half a million and a million.”


The other 24 companies selected for the program are as follows:


Ollo Mobile is a virtual mobile operator which claims it is the easiest and fastest way to keep the “vulnerable” members of your family connected.


XY Gaming is an online transactional platform that adapts to any video game on PC and gaming consoles, which gamers can use to wager money on their gaming skill.


Tapestry helps older generations stay connected to their families, friends and the communities in which they live.


Insvrance has a “battled-hardened team” that is changing the face of insurance technology.


Triplebackup changes how SMBs back up and provide near-zero downtime after a disaster.


OneTouch has developed software that can read and understand all types of documents, and automatically extract and repurpose data to provide an automated back office.


HealthKit is a global platform for doctors and patients all over the world. It focuses on building global health data to find cures for diseases and resolve underlying health issues.


Capture Group has developed an app, Capture.Us, which allows the user to create better videos on their smartphone, and share them with family, friends and colleagues.


MComms TV specialises in live video stream transcoding, monitoring and advertisement insertion for the web, broadcast and mobile networks.


Slide Fish simplifies the process of sharing feedback on documents and presentations online. These materials can be delivered to any browser, platform or device without downloads.


Mathspace is a cloud-based mathematics eLearning application that combines the textbook, workbook and mark book into a single platform.


Invoice Smash lets businesses automatically import supplier invoices and bills into their accounting system with one click, which means no more data entry.


Practice Ignition is a collaboration platform that enables modern advisors to maximise engagement and value with their clients on all desktop and mobile devices.


Marketing 4 Restaurants provides the simplest way for restaurant owners to start growing their database.


Slipperfits is an application that allows users to safely find mutual connections with people they know.


dataGO is aiming to solve the problem of keeping people connected at a reasonable price when they travel overseas.


CoachbyMe helps entrepreneurs connect with each other for advice or to collaborate for mutual benefit.


Calico stands for CALories In Calories Out. It is a system that helps people become fitter via a number of tools including “Burn&Earn”.


365cups is a mobile ordering technology for hospitality and other industries.


Social Status is a content performance analytics tool for social media. It allows marketers and advertisers to gain insight into the impact of their content on social media channels.


Riskflo supplies risk management technology.


Synaptor is keeping people safe at hazardous worksites.


WattCost will change the electricity industry forever by enabling consumers to independently control their costs and household carbon footprint in real-time.


GetViable is a social collaboration platform that helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas in viable start-ups.