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Plan something special for Valentine’s Day

Thursday, 30 January 2014 | By Taskmaster

One of the nasty traps you can all-too-easily fall in when you run a business is to give your start-up all your attention, while losing sight of personal relationships. This is especially true when you’re just starting up or experiencing a period of rapid growth.


Now, think about your partner for just a moment. S/he is putting up with your long work days, lots of stress and uncertainty as you start your business. More likely than not, s/he is an important emotional support for you during those times when you’re stressed out and need to get those forms filled-in by Tuesday.


S/he might be shouldering more than their fair share of the household or family duties while you burn the midnight oil coding your app. Attention that otherwise would be directed towards him or her is instead directed towards your business.


Meanwhile, getting distracted by a relationship breakdown just as your start-up starts gaining momentum is almost certain to harm your business.


If your significant other is also your business partner, spending some quality time together away from the shared stresses of work is even more important.


So you need to make sure you show your significant other how much you appreciate her or him as you start your business.


So it’s a good thing that Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away.


You didn’t forget, did you?


Well, Old Taskmaster says this: Make sure you take a few moments out of your day to plan something special.


Sure, every rip-off merchant in town has jacked up the price of their roses. Restaurants have “special” menus – with specially inflated prices to match.


Old Taskmaster says that it’s worth paying the extra tax to your fellow entrepreneurs to show your significant other how much you care!


Your partner puts up with a lot – so show your gratitude! Get something special organised for them on Valentine’s Day – now!


Get it done—today!