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Do I really need an actual accountant? Can’t I just use accountancy software and do it myself?

3:38AM | Friday, 15 March

This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by Paul Clements, founding principal and CEO of Clements Dunne & Bell, a chartered accountancy and business advisory service.

Peter Thiel-backed fund pours further investment into Xero

3:06AM | Monday, 11 March

A venture capital firm backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has teamed up with another investor to pour US$49 million into New Zealand-founded start-up Xero, increasing the total amount raised to date by the cloud-based venture to US$67 million.

Can accountancy software replace an accountant?

4:20AM | Wednesday, 18 April

There seems to be quite a lot of good accountancy software out there now. Does this mean that I don’t really need the services of an accountant? Or will I just become swamped if I do it all myself?   To answer this question, we firstly need to consider what the accountancy software provides the small business owner and then the external accountant's role, expertise and service offering to small business.

Top 10 qualities to look for in a start-up mentor

5:10AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Start-ups of Melbourne rejoice! As we reported yesterday, start-up incubator PushStart revealed that it is to hold its first mentor speed dating event, Mentor Live, in the city next week.

Tech start-up Paycycle swallowed up by Xero for $1.5m

7:21PM | Sunday, 24 July

Australian tech start-up Paycycle, which provides online payroll services, has been snapped up by accountancy software firm Xero for $1.5m, just two years after the company was launched.

Small firms lag in happiness stakes

12:07AM | Monday, 6 December

Owners of micro businesses are less happy with their companies than their larger counterparts, according to a new study.

Pricey accountants set to impact start-ups

12:16AM | Monday, 6 December

Start-up businesses could be priced out of hiring accountants as surging confidence pushes up salaries, recruiters have warned.