Surfing the internet to find a gnarly new job

5:51AM | Thursday, 30 May

They say surfing is a way of life rather than a hobby, and now surfers even have their very own specialised recruitment site. SURFCAREERS launched in Sydney just under a month ago and features surf industry jobs.   Website founder Troy Roennfeldt says: “Working takes up such a huge portion of our lives, so if you can combine your passion with your career it makes the working part a whole lot easier.”   Creating a business idea for a niche market based on their passion rather than their lifestyle can work well. While all the jobs are connected to surfing, they range across industries including IT, retail, fashion, advertising, marketing, hospitality and accounting.   Where do you go to find people like you? What do you talk about when you’re there? What other existing services are ripe for customisation along lifestyle lines?

Top 10 start-up incubators

5:58AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Start-up incubators are not exactly new. The concept of helping foster promising young businesses formally kicked off in 1959, when the Batavia Industrial Center in New York opened its doors for the first time.