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Should I use a recruitment firm?

Sunday, 29 August 2010 | By Patrick Stafford

Recruitment firms are certainly worth using if you feel they’ll provide you with quality employees you can’t find on your own.




If you are having difficulty in finding your first staff, recruitment firms can help you find someone useful faster than you may have been able to on your own.


Many recruitment firms specialise in a particular industry, such as IT, engineering or construction. Speak with a few different firms about what type of employment they specialise in, and identify some of their clients.


Also consider what type of fees these firms will charge, and whether you can afford them. Recruiters charge their clients differently, and you need to be aware of what you stand to pay.


If you feel you’ve been able to find good staff on your own, then using a recruitment firm may be a little redundant. But if you are struggling and need to find staff as quickly as possible, using a quality recruitment firm will certainly help you find qualified, reliable employees.