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How do I ensure a safe workplace for my staff?

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 | By Patrick Stafford

Be sure your employees are all trained in OH&S procedures and are familiar with your company’s policies. These policies should be well-documented and available for any employee who requests them.


You should also make plans to regularly inspect what your employees are doing, and then determine whether improvements need to be made. Make sure these OH&S requirements are being fulfilled to a proper standard. If not, more training may be required.


If you are operating a business which requires the use of safety equipment, be sure staff are all clearly instructed on how to use it properly. Delegate leaders to follow up on whether these obligations are being fulfilled.


Develop a policy for inspection routines and ensure employees have the opportunity to report any breach of OH&S policy. Encourage employees to blow the whistle on any breaches and hazards.