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The Taskmaster says get Tweeting!

The Taskmaster says get Tweeting!I must admit that there are times when Twitter and Facebook get me confused.



I understand that everyone out there wants to know exactly what his happening in the life of the Taskmaster at all times, but I just don’t understand why I want to know about the meal people are eating, or what they think about a particular TV show, or what dress-up costume their “cute” little kid just put on.


Anyway, there is one thing I love getting from Twitter, and that’s great links to industry trends, interesting stories from around the world and breaking news.


So for those struggling to think of suitable Twitter content, why not use your account to position yourself as an industry news source?


When you come across a news story, an interesting blog or feature or even a slideshow that catches your eye, simply shoot it out via Twitter and help your followers keep up.


They’ll appreciate your hard work, re-Tweet you and help build your following (and personal branding) further.


It’s an easy way to look good on Twitter, and a way to get some value out of all those hours you spend reading online!


Get it done – today.

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