Mums make a move for online mediums


Start-ups looking to secure mothers as their primary customer base should focus their marketing efforts on specialist websites and online forums, according to a new report.


A survey by parenting site Kidspot says mums are heavily influenced by online channels when it comes to purchasing a product.


Broken down into three sections, the survey looks at the effectiveness of various channels in relation to hearing about a product, learning more about it, and making a purchasing decision.


According to Kidspot, the survey results are likely to surprise start-ups.


“Though television still plays a dominant role in building awareness, social influence channels wield far more impact as [mum] moves through the purchase funnel,” Kidspot says.


Of the 2,165 mothers surveyed, 62% identify friends and family as having a strong influence on when they first hear about a product.


Television was not far behind at 58%, followed by specialist websites at 41% and magazines at 39%.


Kidspot says although TV is the most influential media channel in this section, the gap between TV and specialist websites is closing rapidly.


When it comes to learning more about a product, five of the top six channels are online sources, with specialist websites trumping friends and family.


Nearly half of respondents use a product-specific website to research a new product, while 35% use consumer review websites. Comments in online forums also outshine television and magazines.


With regard to making a purchasing decision, referrals are the most influential channel at 63%. Consumer review and specialist websites offer the next most important source of information and influence, at 38% and 35% respectively.

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