Turn all your staff into product experts


TaskmasterManagers are good at dividing up staff based on their specialities.


Sales people sell. Tech people do tech stuff. Product development guys do product development. The marketing team markets. The admin staff do admin.


But too often this creates pockets of deep product knowledge. The product development and tech guys might be experts in your product, but the sales people and the market guys – who are actually trying to close deals – have only a working knowledge of what it is you sell.


Not good enough. In order to deliver great customer services and actually meet the needs of clients, as many staff as possible need to be experts. They need to be able to know exactly how products work, what their benefits are and what their limitations are.


To make sure this happens, consider holding intensive workshops on your products. Not just “this is what they do, isn’t it cool” sessions, but sessions where deep, technical knowledge is passed on.


Make a big deal of this with staff and customers – emphasise that you are a company of thought leaders with deep knowledge and experience.


And get it done – today!

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